Top 5 places we’ve seen!

Hi everyone,

As we wait for the D-Day to come, we’ve decided to tell you what were our top 5 destinations so far and maybe inspire you for your next trip.

Top 1 : Chapada Diamantina, Bahia – Brazil


The Cachoeira do Buracão is up till now our absolute top 1! To access you need to do an easy track of more or less 1h (no hills to climb and the landscape is amazing the whole way) then swim through the canions till the “big hole” (or buracão in Portuguese). At our tip to the Chapada we chose to stay at Mucugê Village because it was near the national park and some other amazing caves (you can swim inside!). Everywhere is pretty amazing there, We would definitely advise you to go!

Top 2 : Fiji Islands


Fiji is a magical place with astonishing landscapes and marine life. Althout the beaches are incredibly beautiful and clean and most of the hotels very fancy, the local life is very simple and the cities look very poor… You can try to visit local tribes and learn a little more about their culture and learn how to make their homemade alchool, the “Cava”. Also be aware for cultural differences, specially the famous “Fiji time”.
Swimming with sharks and turtles in a crystal clear sea is a MUST as traveling experiences goes.

Top 3 : Jericoacoara, Ceara – Brazil


And Brazil is back on the list… Jeri is a special place! It is a small fishing village, very rustic and very charming. To access you need to have a 4×4 or a buggy as “streets” are made of sand (you will not find any asphalt in Jericoacoara)… The whole place is made out of dunes and when it rains you have amazing natural lakes. The main attraction is the Lagoa do Paraiso where you can enjoy a hammock on the water while having a nice caipirinha…. just Paradise as the name suggests! Sunset is also breathtaking at the beach…

Top 4 : Rome – Italy


Ah, Italy…. The most amazing place in Europe for us is definitely Rome. Not only for delicious food, but also for the history! Oh my, you’ll meet history there. No matter where you go you will end up facing a “wow” spot. Plus the weather is usually good there.

Top 5 : Mumbai – India


Although India has nice landscapes, what makes the visit really interesting is the culture. In a much higher level than Fiji, India’s luxury and poverty contrast is the first thing you will notice. But what will make the trip worthy is the smile in the eyes of the “untouchable” once you actually spend some time with them… So yeah, go to India and see the Taj Mahal, have a crazy drive around the cities, but do not skip a stop in of their slums… you will receive so much love, you will never forget!

Even if we are quite sure some changes will have to be made in our top 5 after our experience next year, one thing is for sure: those places are must in your bucket list.
From Paradise Islands to social heartwarming experiences, the list could go on and on…

You have already been to some of those places or are planning to go on a trip soon? 

Leave a comment to share your experience or to ask any questions that might help you plan your next destination!

We will be happy to share the world with you!


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