Christmas holidays in Switzerland

Hi everyone!

As the D-Day approaches we feel more and more in a travelling mood. To warm up for our round the world trip what better than Switzerland in winter?? So yes, we packed some warm clothes and left for  5 days in the country of watches and Gruyere cheese.

First stop of the trip was a little village by the lake of Neuchâtel, in the French part of the country. There we met a very good friend and enjoyed a beautiful winter sunrise on the lake 🙂


After Neuchâtel we headed to Zermatt, one of the biggest villages in the Swiss Alpes. Even if it is very close to Italy (you can ski your way into the country!), Zermatt belongs to the Swiss German area. On our way there, we stopped for a couple of hours in an outside natural hot swimming pool with a view to the mountains. A must do in Switzerland! Swimming in hot waters when is -1°C outside, watching the snow all around is such an exceptional experience. The outside pool was about 32°C and the one inside 42°C. The price was correct, around 20€. They also have one on the top of the mountains, where outside temperatures can go down to -35… this one we didn’t have enough time to try, but I am guessing the price would not be as ‘friendly’.


This stop was so pleasant and relaxing that it got hard to keep with the road but we finally made it to Saas Grund, a tiny village near Zermatt where hotels were more affordable (we still payed 180€ for one night in a triple room). What you have to know about Zermatt is that it is one of the most popular ski spots in the country and therefore, it is quite expensive (the whole Switzerland is very expensive, but some places can be ‘cheaper’ than others). If you are travelling with a low budget we would recommend avoiding hotels there but staying close and going for a little walk in the city is definitely a good idea. The village is adorable, just what you would expect from a charming village in the swiss Alpes. It also has an amazing view to the Matterhorn or Cervin mountain (also known as the Toblerone logo). The ski area is huge and if you are a winter sports fan, you will definitely have a great time.


Another important thing to know is that Zermatt doesn’t accept cars, so to access the city you must park your car at Täsch village and then take the train (it costs 16€ per person for a round trip). The ski pass to stay in Switzerland was 80€ but if you want to ski your way to Italy it will cost you extra. Renting a ski costs around 60 euros. However, if you are not a ski fan but want to enjoy the view and a nice meal on the top of the mountain it is possible too! All you have to do is pay ‘only’ 70€ for a train that takes 40mim to go all the way up.


After enjoying the fresh cold air of the mountains, we ended our Swiss road trip by visiting some friends in Zurich, also in the German part of Switzerland. Although it is the largest city of the country, the city center remains quite cozy. Be it along the river, the lake or in the old town, the atmosphere of the city is delightful and the landscape will impress you.
Switzerland is a very special country. Most of the cities are around a lake or a river and are very clean! It is one of the safest countries in the world and Swiss people are very kind.


On our way  back to Paris, we had a spontaneous stop in Colmar, a French city located in Alsace, not very far from the German part of Switzerland. The city is lovely! Having a walk around the city and drinking a hot wine on the Christmas market is a must if you are in France for winter. Colmar is located 70km south of Strasbourg which is known for hosting the biggest Christmas market in Europe. Colmar, as you can see, is a quite romantic spot!


The way back home was very long as waze made us run away from traffic jam by going up and down the French mountains… we spent 9h on the road and it was so cold outside that it froze some parts of the car. It was a great trip, even if a bit too expensive for out budget at the moment… We would definitely recommend 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions when planning a trip to Switzerland just ask us here. We will be glad to help!

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Stay tuned for more in February at the begging of our big round the world trip !!

See you soon, xx.

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