Around Patagonia

Hi everyone,

After a month spent between the Lagos Region in Chile and Argentinian Patagonia, it’s now time for us to head back to Santiago and to São Paulo for a few days. This month was very enlightening for us as we discovered 2 wonderful regions, met approximately 100 new people from all over the world, experienced a close-to-be self-sustainable life in a barn and got to know ourselves better as individuals and as a couple, far from everything we use to know. What a start for our round the world trip!!

Adios Rupanco

Our stay at the Rupanco farm ended last Monday after almost 4 very busy weeks. We wrote an article about our life in the barn, so if you missed it you can access here. Our last weeks at the farm were not very different from the first ones but we experienced some really great moments as we got to know better and better the other volunteers and to be more and more involved with the projects we were working on. We even organized a Brazilian Carnival for Karol’s birthday on February 25th, with some fun costumes as you can see below:

The famous Karolnaval do Brasil

To sum up, we really enjoyed our stay at Rupanco and we would like to thank all the people we met there for their kindness and open minds and also Greg, the owner of the property that started this wonderful project. We totally recommend it if you are looking to spend some time away from your everyday life to experience something totally different or if you want to stay in a wonderful natural region for free (you exchange 5 hours of work, 6 days a week for a place to sleep and 3 vegetarian meals a day – being a vegetarian when you don’t have a choice is easier than you think! Lol).

They are always looking for long term volunteers:

Few pictures of our last days there:

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We finally made it to Patagonia!

During our time at Rupanco we were surrounded by beautiful landscapes. However, the farm was way too far away from everything and we didn’t get to explore Lagos / Patagonia was we intended to, so we decided to go for a short trip to Bariloche. What a great choice!

Boring view from our hotel room, right?!

Bariloche is a 5 hours ride from Osorno and the bus ticket is around 18000 pesos Chilenos (more or less 25€). We recommend you take the bus instead of renting a car (as we planned at the beginning) as the documentation to cross the border with a rental car costs 150 U$S and takes 1 to 3 working days to be ready. Buses in the city cost less than 1 euro but you can never pay by cash, before entering the bus make sure you have the “Sube” card. Accommodation however can be quite expensive.

On our frist day, after finding a hotel near the lake, we got amazed by the beauty of the sunset between the mountains and the Nahuel Huapi Lake:

In peace on the edge of Lago Nahuel Huapi

On our second day we did the famous circuito chico, where you have the most famous panorama of Bariloche. You can either chose the comfort of an organized tour or do it with local buses at a cheaper price. Once you arrive at Cerro Campanario you can either walk up or pay 200 pesos (~13€) to go up by cable car and get an amazing view all the way up/down. On the top, the view is breathtaking! We were there during summer, so there was not a lot of snow on the top of the mountains. The landscape must change a lot during winter…. We hope to come back one day to see it.

We also got to see the lakes and mountains above from close once we got down, all the way (from Osorno and inside Bariloche) the view on the road was incredible.

We ended the day by seeing from far the famous Tronador Vulcano, which we went to visit from close the next day. Unfortunately the weather didn’t help and we got to see it under the rain with parts of the glacial covered by clouds…. It was still very impressive though. The volcano is located on a national park and they charge 250 pesos (argentinians) if you are a foreigner and 120 if you are Argentinian, just to go in. Then it takes about 2h going up till you can see Tronador and the “glaciar negro” from close.

The whole way is very beautiful, with amazing lakes, waterfalls, forests and mountains… The 7 colors lake was one of the most beautiful lakes we’ve seen so far.


The city center is very cute and looking at its architecture you can almost feel like you are in Switzerland (as they were the ones to found the city…). Even if it was summer, the weather was quite cold, so make sure you always come with a jacket. People were also very kind to us at all times! (but it helps if you can say a few things in Spanish…)

There are also lots of treks and boat rides that can be done with more amazing Patagonian landscapes. As we only had 3 full days and the weather wasn’t amazing, we mainly did the must see places, but as we said before, we look forward to visit Bariloche again during winter…

Now we are back in Osorno waiting for our night bus to Santiago, to take our flight back to São Paulo for 2 weeks…. More Chilean adventures are waiting for us in April! Stay tuned 😉


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