Adios South America

After 3 exceptional months in South America, it was time to say goodbye and keep on with our journey around the world. It is important for us to write a few words about our trip in this continent as it had such an impact on us.

To make a long story short, in three months we:

  • Visited 5 different countries, crossing borders 8 times
  • Lived in an organic farm in the middle of nowhere with 50 other volunteers from all over the world
  • Learned how to make concrete and got some practical experience on permaculture
  • Spent 4 weeks being vegetarians, nearly vegans
  • Volunteered for a NGO teaching English to the local population, mostly unprivileged children
  • Heard and said “huevon” and “weeeena chucha tu madre” (Chileans will understand…)
  • Learned how to make churrascas (Chilean flat bread)
  • Met an incredibly kind and strong 2nd grade girl that since passed away from cancer (she is for sure an angel now!!)
  • Went to a wedding and a baby shower (not from the same people though)
  • Met hundreds of people from everywhere, had a ton of fun
  • Boarded on 6 flights and took 12 buses, including a very dangerous ride in Peru…
  • Spent 8 days above 4000m height
  • Saw hundreds of mountains, volcanoes, lakes, geysers, oasis in the desert, forests, big cities, etc.
  • Drunk a fair amount of decent and less decent wines
  • Became able to sing “Despacito” by heart

But most importantly, we got to learn more about ourselves and realized we want to live our lives in a more conscious and responsible way, respecting people and the environment. We learned that almost everything can be reused with a bit of creativity and it is not so hard to reduce drastically our impact on others and on the planet. We are ready to go the extra mile to reduce our waste, lower our footprint, not be a part of unfair practices, always chose love over hate and accept that people are different and that’s what makes us beautiful. We hope we can spread this idea and touch as many lives as we can, living to make the world a better place seems to us like the best way to live now 🙂

Explore South America

The countries we visited

If you are planning to travel for a few months, to take a break, see beautiful things, make some unforgettable memories or just to find some part of you that got lost along the way we highly recommend South America. For most nationalities it is very easy to cross borders; life is mostly cheap (especially in Bolivia, not so much in Chile); you’ll meet many travelers like you; you get to know amazing cultures; people are mostly kind and happy; you’ll have nice parties and peaceful times; there is so much natural beauty to be seen; the weather is almost always good… All those good reasons can’t say enough: South America is waiting for you!!

Looking for inspiration? Check out a few of the amazing memories we collected there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After South America we headed to the Caribbean (Cancun, Cuba and Florida), but this is for another article.

Stay tuned!



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