3 days, 3 cities – Boston, DC, Philly

Moving around the US can be tricky. Buses are expensive and not comfortable, flights are expensive and depending where you are, renting a car can be pricey… So after studying all our possibilities to leave NY state and go around a little till we make our way to Vermont we decided to rent a car for 24h and make the most out of it.  To go to Vermont from Woodstock, renting a car is possibly the best option (as a bus would take 4x the driving straight time and a flight would make you go back to NYC and lose time and money). In our case, going from Woodstock NY to South Royalton VT it was the same price for taking 3 buses (for a total time of 12h one way) than renting a car, so there was no doubt when choosing the car rental option. We made the best out of it by trying to drive to as many cities as possible, and here we go!

Boston, Massachusetts

On our way from Woodstock NY (where we were volunteering before) to Vermont, we had a day stop in Boston. We were so glad to know this city that offers a very nice lifestyle from what we could see, we were not expecting such a cute city. Although 1 day was really short to know the city and how things work there, we could do many things, as walking the freedom trail (even if just a little part of it), visit the public garden and the little open air bars at waterfront… We had a great overview of the city and we really liked it.

We particularly enjoyed the waterfront, where stand some live music in the port during summer. So after having a fresh juice there in the end of the afternoon, we kept on our way to Vermont.

Karol having a fresh juice on Boston Waterfront

As we couldn’t find any affordable BnB we decided to sleep in a camping in New Hampshire, where the rented car became our tent… It was not the most comfortable night ever as we were really not prepared. However we could light a fire at night, with the help of a friendly (or just quite drunk) young American who was living there after losing it all and enjoyed a typical american camping night. It seemed like we inspired him to go see the world and do more with his life… Lets hope it worked out! 🙂

Campfire in New Hampshire

The next day, we reached Vermont in the morning where we left the car and started a lovely volunteering (check the article here).

Washington, DC

After our 2 amazing weeks in Vermont, we again rented a car to head back to NYC where we had our flight to California. We gave ourselves 48 hours to get to know Washington and Philadelphia on our way down. Our first stop was Washington DC. There we met a friend from our farm volunteering in Chile at the beginning of our trip. She kindly hosted us and showed us around in the very short time we had. We still had enough time to enjoy DC by night and by day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We even got to visit the U.S. Capitol in the morning as a friend of our friend was working there and could show us around. Although you can still visit it as a tourist, knowing someone working there was very nice as we skipped some huge lines and got a very qualified guide (we also got to see one or 2 places where tourists don’t usually go) 🙂

Philadelphia, PA

From DC, we had a short stop in Philadelphia in the end of the afternoon, and could catch up with a friend from Brazil that showed us around in the also little time we had. We followed the steps of Rocky Balboa, refreshed ourselves in a fountain and eat a Philly cheese steak sandwich, so I guess we got the most of our Philly experience.

Finally we headed back to New York, 3 big USA cities in 1 day… we were dead! Back in NYC we met our friend from Germany for a drink in a bar in Brooklyn and then could again crash at her couch. It is great to have friends! specially when they are all over the world and  we get to meet them all along this trip. So a big thanks goes t to all of them, they are making our trip unforgettable!


And guess what? We are heading to California where we will meet another friend ❤

Stay tuned for more adventures soon


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