B&B and farm life in Vermont

After New York, we were supposed to drive up to Canada, and go around Quebec and Toronto. However, as Karol holds a Brazilian passport and she has a ETA visa (electronic one, not on the passport), she can only access Canada by the air… go figure the logic! For this unexpected reason, we had to change our plans last minute. One thing we can say is that we got very lucky on our lack of luck as we got to know Vermont and stayed in this amazing B&B run by an amazing woman, Evelyn. A B&B as charming as that one in Vermont is quite expensive so we were really happy to Workaway there.

We baked up to 50 pies and quiches a day!

Our main job there was helping Evelyn to bake pies and quiches. In addition to running the B&B she sells those products and all sorts of pickles on several farmers markets in Vermont and New Hampshire. Whereas in winter she goes to 8 markets a month, in summer her activity is booming and she goes to 8 markets a week. In the end she has a very little time home to prepare the pies and quiches so we felt our help was quite valuable. Good thing for us as we love cooking and even more cooking together, so we had a really great time there, and check out our work:

The good thing about making such delicious dishes is that when there is a failure or when some of them haven’t been sold, we get to eat them … and it was yummy 🙂

Alex helped reforming a corn crib into a small house

Other than baking we had some other helping opportunities. One of them was a very challenging construction project. Another volunteer, Caroline from Germany, has this amazing project of changing an old corn crib into a small apartment that she would be able to stay in for a year as she will be studying in Vermont Law School right next to the B&B. After her year there the new home will become part of the B&B as a little independent house.

The barn and the corn crib in the back

Caroline started with almost nothing and she had already made an amazing job before our arrival. She installed a drain around the crib, leveled the surroundings, created 2 floors, a stair case, and fixed some window frames. When we arrived we helped her with motor oil painting, creating a wall frame for isolation, installing some windows and removing the outside wooden walls. Alex learned so much about construction and carpentry, and really liked it, so many thanks to Evelyn and Caroline to make this possible.

We took some time to visit romantic Vermont

On our free time we had plenty of things to do around. Some days we took the bikes and went into town or to a sandy beach along the river. Another day we went to a waterfall located at the end of Evelyn’s property (picking as many raspberries as we could). We also could borrow a car to have diner in the famous Vermont town of Woodstock, where we had a tasty burger in a charming restaurant.

Most of our time we could simply relax, enjoy the calm of the property, observe and feed the chickens, play some Frisbee, watch the stars at night, cook some fresh out of the garden meals to share with everybody, etc… We had a simple life there but it was just so nice to know this part of the US and enjoy some quality time with people we met there. We will totally be back someday to visit Evelyn and see the changes, mainly with the corn crib.

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If you are looking for this kind of experience, feel free to contact us, Evelyn is always looking for some help. We hope you could find inspiration in it for your next trips.

To get to know about how we reached Vermont from Woodstock NY and than back to NYC on 2 mini road trips, click here.

And stay tuned for more adventures around the world! 🙂


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