California Dreaming

Ok the title is easy, but it’s a good sum up of our 2 weeks on the US West Coast. We left the East Coast full of positive energy and great memories to look back after 2 amazing Workaways then we flew to California to discover the beautiful State of surf and tacos.

Las Vegas Baby

We arrived at LAX airport on August 5th and went directly to Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate Alex’s Bday in style. For that we rented a car at Los Angeles airport and drove through the desert for about 5h. Las Vegas is really a lot of fun, especially if you play a little in the Casinos. We are definitely not huge gamblers but we decided to dedicate 15$ to spend in the Casinos and we had a wonderful time. We mainly played on the cheapest Jackpot machine (minimum bet of 25 cents) and eventually after few hours playing we hit the bonus mode and made some 40 bucks!! So yeah, we had a good time!

We spent 2 night in Sin City. The first one we stayed at the Las Vegas Hostel, one of the cheapest near the strip. It was really a poor quality hotel so we don’t recommend it especially as Casino resorts are usually not so expensive and give much more comfort. On our second night we stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel easily recognizable by his high tower. It was a really good compromise between price and quality so we recommend it.

Stratosphere Tower

San diego, featuring Taco Tuesday

After Vegas we spent a few days in San Diego where we could meet up with one of Karol’s friends from Brazil. We got to know the city which was much prettier than what we expected and enjoy the famous Taco Tuesdays.

Taco Tuesday is a tradition that takes place every Tuesday when most places offer Tacos for a very cheap price (usually around 2-3$) and sometimes cheap beers too (3$ for a pint). It is a very good opportunity to hang out with friends and enjoy the sunset beach front on a rooftop eating some great food.

The lifestyle in San Diego seems really nice, easy and relaxed. We had a really great time in California where life is much cheaper than in New York City or Miami and the atmosphere is lovely.

In addition to our time in Vegas and San Diego, we did a 6 days roadtrip between San Diego and San Francisco that you can check soon.

Stay tuned to more adventures, soon to be in Asia 🙂

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