3 days in Tokyo

3 days in Tokyo is short but probably good enough to get a global idea of the city. In any case staying 3 days there, for me that has never been to Asia except India few years ago, was really exotic.

For this destination I travelled alone, Karol having some trouble with immigration she went to Vancouver instead. It was a first for me but it got really interesting.

About Tokyo

If you’re going to Tokyo for the first time you might want to know a few things.

First Tokyo is a very clean and dynamic city, but even though some neighborhoods are really really busy, some are much calmer and it is not so overwhelming.

Then you need to know that people speak a very little English there and usually shops and restaurants advertise only in Japanese which can make it tricky to find what you want. That being said, Japanese people are adorable and they’ll always try to find ways to communicate and help you.

Last thing, religion and traditions are very important there so you need to be always aware of what you’re doing not to offend anyone. For exemple they are always very polite and have this gesture of bending slightly to show respect, and if you don’t you might seem very rude.

I guess that for the rest it’s better to figure out by yourself by enjoying the culture as much as you can.

What to do in Tokyo

As I had only a very short time there I came prepared and red a lot of blog articles about the city to be able to have the best overview possible. In the end I got most of my inspiration thanks to this article that I highly recommend for a short stay in Tokyo.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

In Tokyo I slept in the Base Inn Komagome hostel which offers little capsules (instead of bunk beds). It was not very comfortable but I got my privacy and the location was really good. Most importantly the price was reasonable. It’s a very good option for limited budget travelers like us.

Tokyo is really an amazing and clean city, it really worth knowing it and I wished I could stay some few extra days to enjoy even more the food and the local life. However I was happy to head to Hong-Kong and meet up with Karol to keep on our journey together.

Stay tuned for more traveling


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