Help with us

If you want to participate to this project and help us communities in need around the world, please check how to support us below:

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As you may know by now, we are planning to volunteer during our trip and exchange our work for food and housing, but even though, an ambition us project like ours requests a lot of fundings.

There are many ways you could help us :

  1. If you know someone needing volunteers in a place we are going to that could be willing to acomodate us for during our stay, please contact us.
  2.  If you enjoy our project, but can’t go on a trip like this one, no worries… You can help us by donating any amount and become a part of this procjet with us!
  3. Last but not least, you can follow and like us on instagram. We would be really happy to share the world with you. @sharezeworld

We will obviously show you guys how your help is being put to a good use through our articles in this blog.


Karol & Alex