karol-roundBrazilian, Masters Degree in Sustainable Management and CSR

I am a Brazilian girl, born and raised in São Paulo and currently living in Paris. Il left Brazil for the first time when I was 20 years old to go learn English in London and that’s when I discovered a new passion : The World. Seeing different landscapes and monuments (there is so much history in Europe!) and living in different cultures along with different languages is my absolute passion now. After spending 8 months in London and visiting a little the UK I moved to Switzerland for 4 months to be an Aupair of 2 adorable little french speaking boys in Lausanne and tried to learn french (which I failed lol). In 2012, during my International Relations degree I had the opportunity to do a University exchange for a semester in Paris and at the end of it I enjoyed a beautiful summer in Spain to improve my spanish skills. It was during this semester in Paris that I finally found true Love! Being back in São Paulo and far away from Alex was quite hard as you can imagine, so I decided to go back and do anoter semester in Paris, before he could join me in Brazil for his double degree. At this point I could speak 4 different languages and had seen quite a few places around the world (but definetly not enough!). I got my Degree in International Relations and moved back to Paris to get my Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility, my third passion.

Now we want to explore the world together before starting our careers, change our perspectives and become better people to help shape a better future.