Our story

Our story begins with a lovely French girl coming into our lives in 2010. After joining Alex’s class in France, she took a time off to go learn English in London at the same time as I did and we met at a pub crawl… We quickly became friends and shared ran amazing time till she had to go back to school in France. When I saw her summer pictures, a beautiful pair of blue eyes came to my attention, it was Alex… such a beautiful man! I visited her in Paris for her birthday and knew he would be there…. but it wasn’t till my University exchange to Paris in 2012 that we would talk to each other for the first time.

Once we got to know each other better we just couldn’t stay apart. Everything was so great! but we knew I would soon have to go back to Brazil… and so I did. It was so hard being far from each other, even if he came to visit me once, 6 months was the max I could take, so I spoke with my University and managed to go for another semester in Paris… We were finally together again, it felt like a dream! But once again we knew I would have to leave… Alex worked really hard at his school and got the opportunity to go for a double Degree at USP, the best engineering school in South America that happens to be in São Paulo, my city. It was really great news, except that it was to start a semester after I was done in Paris…. and here we go again for another 6 months apart.

Long distance relationships are hard, really hard. But giving up on someone you love is even harder, so we found a way to manage it. After a lot of Skype calls and jet-lag… it was finally time for him to come to Brazil and hopefully we would never have to be apart again, now that sounds like a dream come true!

Unfortunately when he arrived I had just found out a few health problems and he spent his first semester in Brazil taking care of me at home after a few surgeries and some nights at the hospital…. Brazilian summer holidays had to wait. (How lucky am I to have found such a caring man on the other side of the world!) Once I was back in shape it was time to enjoy ourselves and so we did. We had an amazing time there and traveled to quite a few places… I had no idea my country was so beautiful! so much to see in South America and specially at the north of Brazil.

Well, time for him to go back to France and once I was graduated but he wasn’t I would obviously follow him to wherever he had to go… and it was Paris again. After having a hard time to find a job, as I couldn’t speak any French, I decided to go back to school and get my Masters Degree in Sustainable Management, something I love to do but couldn’t find market in Brazil till 2014.

Now we are both graduating at the same time and after all we’ve had to compromise to arrive here, together, we believe going abroad and sharing experiences around the world will be a life changing experience and give us new perspectives… after all it is the first time after 5 years we can actually decide what to do together without having to be apart or just follow the other one…

We both feel like we have a lot to offer to people in need around the world and that improving our knowledge about different cultures will really help us make a difference in the future.

We can’t wait to share it all with you guys ❤